Christmas in August (but only for the cookies)!

I'm back to procrasti-baking. Instead of focusing fully on those college essays that will not write themselves (if only), I've started baking through cookie recipes. Maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement; so far, I’ve only baked one batch of cookies, but there will be more to come. I started with my favorite cookies from … Continue reading Christmas in August (but only for the cookies)!


Chocolate is magical!

Especially in banana bread. (Now, I honestly feel like this is an unnecessary qualifier because chocolate is always magical, but it works wonders on the already quite impressive banana bread.) When miracle of miracles, the roads were frozen for longer than 24 hours because Houston weather remained relatively static for a whole day (and there … Continue reading Chocolate is magical!

Snow day (aka: time for split pea salad!)

It's only the second week of second semester, but the Houston weather has decided (yet, again) to keep us at home. Luckily, I'd already bought the ingredients for my next Dining In adventure. My premeditated recipe choice was perfect for this absurdly cold and icy Houston night (I know, I know. I'm saying this while the Northeast … Continue reading Snow day (aka: time for split pea salad!)

Texas Sheet Cake (&NPR Tiny Desk concerts)

With Tuesday (and the return to school after our week off from Harvey) fast approaching, I wanted to do something fun with my time on Monday! Since fun usually involves cooking and/or baking, I decided to bake (also, it was recently a friend of mine's birthday, so this was a two birds, one stone kind-of … Continue reading Texas Sheet Cake (&NPR Tiny Desk concerts)

Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

(Warning: this post is going to be set-up differently than the others.) As I've mentioned before I live in Houston, Texas. If you've seen the news, you'll know that we've been hammered by Hurricane-Tropical Storm Harvey starting this past Saturday. It's now Tuesday, and even as I'm writing this, I can hear the rain coming … Continue reading Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

A Friend’s B-Day: Carrot Cake

Since summer birthdays are often overlooked, with one of my friends who loves food, I started the tradition of baking her a birthday dessert. While I started more simplistically (classic Nestle chocolate chip cookies), I decided to go with a bang this year and recreate a carrot cake I made this past school year. As … Continue reading A Friend’s B-Day: Carrot Cake

A Cooking Experiment: Madeleines

While staying with my grandmother, my aunt Leslye and I underwent a cooking experiment (my first). My aunt was smart enough to bring madeleine pans and a madeleine cookbook with her, so that was at the center of our experiment. We were planning on making a new type of madeleine each day, but my parents … Continue reading A Cooking Experiment: Madeleines