Hi! My name is Sophia. I am a 16 year old home cook with a passion for everything food related. I spend the school year procrasti-baking and going to high school and the summer trying new techniques, recipes and restaurants.

I’ve loved cooking since I was much younger and started helping my parents in the kitchen. I hope to share my passion for cooking and sharing meals with loved ones with y’all. Food, Friends, Odds & Ends documents my experiences with cooking, sharing food with friends and family and the occasional cultural outing (new restaurants, trips or events in my hometown, Houston, TX). I hope that you enjoy the stories and the recipes that accompany them.

About Me:

I learned to cook and bake by getting in the kitchen with my parents and spending my Saturdays binge watching the food network. Between weekly trips to Central Market, my favorite grocery store, with my dad and watching my mom make eternally perfect pies, I fell in love with cooking and baking.

Growing up in Houston, TX, a hotspot and melting pot of cultures, I love all different kinds of food. Since I grew up mostly on my dad’s Greek recipes made without recipes (passed down from my yiayia), Greek food holds a special place in my heart. But, tex-mex also tops my favorite cuisine list, a byproduct from growing up in Houston. Don’t be surprised to see these cuisines pop up more frequently than others!

I’ve spent countless hours trying new recipes with insanely delicious results. Along the way, I have learned the importance of patience, a sharp knife and practice in the art of cooking. I hope to share some stories and tips from all my successes (and failures).

I am so happy that you’ve joined me on my cooking adventure!




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