Breakfast for Dinner

Remember when I said that I followed recipes for my cooking endeavors, well that was mostly true. There are a few dishes, the Kontos family comfort foods, that I know by heart. One of my favorites is our take on scrambled eggs, a version described by my mom as a "scr-omelet:" a hybrid scrambled egg-omelet. … Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner


Two for One: Hummus and Bread

This summer, I spent the past three weeks at UT Austin for a summer program. Since I was staying in a dorm, I ate at restaurants or at the dorm with food worse than that on airplanes for three weeks straight. When I came home, I had such a craving for fresh vegetables that I … Continue reading Two for One: Hummus and Bread

Father’s Day Tamarind Ribs

After I dragged my dad to his first (and probably last) spin class this Saturday for a Father's Day weekend special, I needed to repay him with a spectacularly good Father's Day dinner. So, per usual, I turned to my trusty guide: Bon Appétit. (If you haven't noticed, Bon Appétit is my cooking bible). A few weeks ago, I … Continue reading Father’s Day Tamarind Ribs

Five Fast, Fun Foodie Facts about Me

My pantry essentials : pickled jalapeños, tabasco, olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar and rolled oats  (reminder: I live in Houston, TX with my Greek dad as a major source of food inspiration.) My favorite grocery store: Central Market  I love this store so much I once wrote a full personal essay about my time there … Continue reading Five Fast, Fun Foodie Facts about Me