Texas Sheet Cake (&NPR Tiny Desk concerts)

With Tuesday (and the return to school after our week off from Harvey) fast approaching, I wanted to do something fun with my time on Monday! Since fun usually involves cooking and/or baking, I decided to bake (also, it was recently a friend of mine's birthday, so this was a two birds, one stone kind-of … Continue reading Texas Sheet Cake (&NPR Tiny Desk concerts)


Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

(Warning: this post is going to be set-up differently than the others.) As I've mentioned before I live in Houston, Texas. If you've seen the news, you'll know that we've been hammered by Hurricane-Tropical Storm Harvey starting this past Saturday. It's now Tuesday, and even as I'm writing this, I can hear the rain coming … Continue reading Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

A Friend’s B-Day: Carrot Cake

Since summer birthdays are often overlooked, with one of my friends who loves food, I started the tradition of baking her a birthday dessert. While I started more simplistically (classic Nestle chocolate chip cookies), I decided to go with a bang this year and recreate a carrot cake I made this past school year. As … Continue reading A Friend’s B-Day: Carrot Cake