Chocolate is magical!

Especially in banana bread. (Now, I honestly feel like this is an unnecessary qualifier because chocolate is always magical, but it works wonders on the already quite impressive banana bread.) When miracle of miracles, the roads were frozen for longer than 24 hours because Houston weather remained relatively static for a whole day (and there … Continue reading Chocolate is magical!


Snow day (aka: time for split pea salad!)

It's only the second week of second semester, but the Houston weather has decided (yet, again) to keep us at home. Luckily, I'd already bought the ingredients for my next Dining In adventure. My premeditated recipe choice was perfect for this absurdly cold and icy Houston night (I know, I know. I'm saying this while the Northeast … Continue reading Snow day (aka: time for split pea salad!)

Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

(Warning: this post is going to be set-up differently than the others.) As I've mentioned before I live in Houston, Texas. If you've seen the news, you'll know that we've been hammered by Hurricane-Tropical Storm Harvey starting this past Saturday. It's now Tuesday, and even as I'm writing this, I can hear the rain coming … Continue reading Harvey: The Cookies before the Storm

Father’s Day Tamarind Ribs

After I dragged my dad to his first (and probably last) spin class this Saturday for a Father's Day weekend special, I needed to repay him with a spectacularly good Father's Day dinner. So, per usual, I turned to my trusty guide: Bon Appétit. (If you haven't noticed, Bon Appétit is my cooking bible). A few weeks ago, I … Continue reading Father’s Day Tamarind Ribs

Five Fast, Fun Foodie Facts about Me

My pantry essentials : pickled jalapeños, tabasco, olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar and rolled oats  (reminder: I live in Houston, TX with my Greek dad as a major source of food inspiration.) My favorite grocery store: Central Market  I love this store so much I once wrote a full personal essay about my time there … Continue reading Five Fast, Fun Foodie Facts about Me